Illinois Ice Hockey Camp and Clinics and How to Play Hockey Lessons for Youth and Adults



Hi. I’m Chris Chelios and I am the director of  ALL SEASONS ICE RINKS. I played hockey for many years, coached for still more, and from tot hockey to the Blackhawks, I am a true Illinois ice hockey fan. Me, I’ve probably scored hundreds of goals in my hockey career, but I’ve never forgotten my first goal.  That sense of accomplishment is what defines me and it is untouchable by time. I want every child to know that feeling, and that is why I created CCH Xtreme and the All Season Developmental Hockey program. All Seasons Ice Rink in Naperville is where you will find me teaching pre-hockey to adult classes. I am dedicated to creating programs to develop confident, high-quality hockey players.  Your child’s success is our success. Please take a moment to browse my website. In it you will find the perfect hockey solution, from private lessons to hockey camps and clinics that will serve your child's desire to learn the sport I love, and love to teach. There is not a day that goes by when I am not extremely thankful that I have the opportunity to share my knowledge of hockey with other families in my community.  Thank you for your interest in our programs and I look forward to seeing your child on the ice.





  • Spring Registration Open
  • Private and Small Group Lessons
  • 3x3 Pond Hockey
  • 4x4 Pond Hockey
  • Mens League




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